Special interest in Knee Arthroscopy, Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

Knee Arthroscopy is required to treat torn meniscus, loose body or cartilage fragment, repair ligaments and treat joint inflammation. It requires

a. Hospital Admission

b. General Anesthesia ( preferred )

c. Tourniquet

d. 2-3 very small incisions

e. Day Surgery, can go home in the evening or the next day morning after IV antibiotic.

f. Crutches may be required to walk initially. Dressing can be changed after the 2-3 d.

g. Exercises are started the day following surgery. Physiotherapist will take care of this

h. Simple pain killer or anti-inflammatory drugs and ice pack may be required.

i. Complications are rare but a possibility, can include infection, DVT, persistent pain.

Pictures taken during knee arthroscopy.


 Arthroscopy video clip showing Plica, Minor Meniscal Tear, Loose Body Excision and Trimming of Tear with shaver and coagulation.