Fall & Injury Prevention



Fall season is a pride of nature but people’s arent

At Work, At Play Safety leads the Way

Slip Prevention in the bathroom

Wipe-Up & Avoid a Slip-Up

Safety Heroes


Accident Zeroes

The most common place for a fall is the bathroom, extreme care is required for all, esp for the elderly.

Handrails are desirable. Antislip mats are mandatory, shower cabins are preferable than tubs. Wider,thicker towel on the  exiting area dries the  wet feet.

Conditioners make the mats slippery. Wash it out closer to the drain.




Poor lighting

Wornout chappal, slippers, flip-flops, high heels

Loose rugs in the room esp with rolled up edges, deep fluffy carpets.image

Monotone floor and stair tiles, uneven floors

Sidewalk and Pavement curbs,bumps and potholes.

Watch your gait, do not drag feet on the ground

Medical conditions to take care:

TIA Transient Ischemic Attacks

Eye check ups

Overweight, obesity


Avoid overconfidence as it reduces caution.

Fall phobia is beneficial in the elderly, promotes caution, but activity level should be maintained for good body mechanics.

Avoid adventures at levels higher than your age and do known activities.


Improve Muscle strength and  Balance, regular exercises and walks.

Do not drag feet on the ground, each step heel has to strike the ground first

Healthy Sleep schedule, Keep Hydrated


Hip fractures, spine fractures in the elderly and osteoporotic

Haematomas or bumps

Soft tissue injuries

Blurring, Confusion

Hospitalization, disability and death.

Interesting Quotes and Data

25% of construction injuries are fall related

Most injuries (64%) are from Slips &Trips, Falls on same level and the notorious Ladder (25% fatalities), Fall from Roofs (35%fatalities)

Fix the problem, Not the Blame

Kapil Bakshi’s Protection ‘STAR’Safety-Think-Avoid-Rules

Safety – A small investment for a rich future

Think smart before you start.

Avoid Accidents & Adventures

Follow the Rules


Useful Links




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