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Median Nerve Neurofibroma


Median Nerve Neurofibroma

Median Nerve Neurofibroma
Severe clinical signs of Carpal Tunnel Compression Syndrome CTCS were seen in this young lady. There were no other visible or symptomatic masses seen over the body.

On exposing the mass, this inoperable median nerve lesion was seen, dissected and compression was relieved. Few fibers from the ulnar side were taken for a biopsy which confirmed the nerve lesion. The bulging nerve could be covered with the stretched out skin. The wound healed well primarily and neurological symptoms were relieved. There were no distinguishable clinical effects of the biopsy.

The patient was symptom-free for two years till she was lost to follow-up.

Intra Cortical Tumor


This patient is a 45 year old lady with h/o pain over the lower leg for the last 2.5 months, mildly elevated ESR and CRP. The other investigations were normal.

Most of the time the patient is lost to follow up, here the doctor is being lost to follow up because of change of job. The patient when last seen was referred to a tertiary center for further management. The site would be updated on getting further information, meanwhile it is still a Quiz question for the Orthopaedic surgeons.

Giant Cell Tumor of Tendon Sheath 

These are benign tumors arising from the Tendon Sheath Giant cell tumors and are the second most common tumors of the hand, with simple ganglion cysts being the most common. [1]

Biopsy Report of this case confirms GCT of Tendon Sheath

Crush Injury Hand

Hand crushed in a meat mincing machine, was extracted out under anesthesia by untwisting with a wrench and was reconstructed.

This patient was lost to follow up as he left to his home country for further recovery.


Pre-Patellar hematoma 

imageDirect trauma to this area occurs. A small vein or the arterial twig rupture  is generally the cause. Blood collects in a pouch of the subcutaneous area and keeps the skin under tension. Drainage may be required to prevent necrosis of the skin when the hematoma is tense.

Do not massage the area as it may cause more bleeding. Ice packs are helpful till you consult your doctor.

Osteoid Osteoma in a 4.5 year old girl



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