Humane Surgical Positioning (Bakshi’s) during Minor Limb Surgeries under Local Anesthesia in Young Children.
Bakshi, Kapil M.S (Master of Surgery); Dr.

Bakshi's Humane Positioning


Summary: Injured children are in pain, anxious, scared and intimidated by the ER environment and parents often compound this anxiety by their own fears. During minor surgical procedures a child held in the ‘humane position’ by the parent is helpful.
The child is positioned in the parent’s lap so that the affected extremity is drawn out and placed on the side of the parent. The surgeon and instruments are positioned behind the parents back out of the child’s and parent’s field of vision especially if the wound is bleeding actively. Physical intimacy with the parent is capitalized upon; this makes the child feel secure, comfortable, relaxed and reassured during the procedure.
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