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Evaluated MOH Specialist ‘A’ Orthopaedics
✓ Effective Orthopaedic clinician with long and varied innovating experience adopting evolution in technology.
✓ Clean track record with last 28 years of work in a single challenging organization with multinational workforce.
✓ Awarded by HE, Federal Min. Of Health UAE for Innovation and Research at innovation week ceremony in Dubai, Nov 2015.
✓ Awarded with an Appreciation Certificate by MOH in an organized ceremony for last 2 consecutive years
✓ Arabic and Multilingual- working knowledge a prime asset including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Baluchi
✓ Reviewer of a prime journal indexed in PubMed, National Library of Medicine, USA –BMC Biomed Central – Musculoskeletal Disorders
✓ Editorial Board Member of ‘International Journal of Orthopedics’. Reviewer of ‘Original Articles’ in a team of leading world experts.
✓ Published article in a peer reviewed prime journal – ‘European Orthopaedics and Traumatology’ on Shoulder Dislocation with the link ( Sole author) ‘Shoulder Dislocation – a modified reduction technique for anterior and inferior dislocations.’ Accredited by MOH, UAE
✓ International Conference Presentation as a Speaker. Presented a study – ‘ Concealed Trabecular and Stress Fractures including Epiphyseal-Physeal and Chondral Injuries -Reliability of Tuning fork and Therapeutic Ultrasound Diagnostic Modality..’ at ‘1st Annual World Congress of Orthopaedics’ at Xian, China, Sept 12-14, 2014. Abstract published in US Chinese International Journal of Traumatology, Pg119, Volume 13 Number 3, General No 42, September 2014.
✓ “Open, Axial and True Vertical Ankle Dislocation without Malleolar fractures: A Case Report” – an amazing rare case report – published by a prime American journal- ‘Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery’ an official publication of American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Doi – 10.1053/j.jfas2014.10.013 in publication stage (Sole Author)
✓ “Humane Surgical Positioning (Bakshi’s) during Minor Limb Surgeries under Local Anesthesia in Young Children.” article is published ahead of print (PAP) on 26 March 2105 in a prime American Journal with a high impact factor- Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. ‘JOT’ on a simple and practicable topic.
✓ University of Wisconsin, Madison – Training, cadaver workshops and conference on Management of Chronic Myofascial pain with 31.75 AAPRA CME Credits
✓ AO training and Advanced External Fixture Certified Course with European credits.
✓ ACL Reconstruction – Symposium and Workshops including training at Heidelberg, Germany
✓ On – going Research projects in near-completion stage
– 10 year study on Povidone-iodine as a safe effective antiseptic agent – “Road to Zero Infection-
Protocol for Acute Traumatic Contaminated Wounds using Povidone-iodine Antisepsis”
Manuscript preparation is in progress.
– Other projects in pipeline
✓ Speaker at International Orthopedic meeting – Musculoskeletal Disorders in Clinical Practice – Feb 20, 2015, Sharjah, UAE.
✓ Developing a New Multi-Role Multi-Purpose Patient Positioner System and Fracture Reduction-Locking-Clamp System – Patent pending
✓ Three National Orthopaedic conference presentations.
✓ Graduation and Post graduation from India’s prime teaching institutions in New Delhi.
✓ Keen interest in knee Arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, Trauma and Infections, Prolotherapy.
✓ Instant appreciation of credentials on Google Search