PRP – Prolotherapy – Regenerative Orthopaedics

Therapy services started in June 2016

Really good clinical results, satisfied patients
*  Locally
*  Internationally

What is Prolotherapy?

The treatment of chronic pain is a complex, multifaceted problem.  to treat laxity of ligaments that often cause chronic myofascial pain. Due to more active lifestyles, an aging patient population, and patient desire for relief of chronic pain, Prolotherapy is an elegant, effective and safe treatment.

This facility can use Prolotherapy with basic and advanced techniques and it is Imparted by an surgeon with 34 years of Orthopaedic experience.

Training in USA from – The University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a member of the University Continuing Education Association (UCEA) authorized program with 30.75 credit hours in 2015.

This therapy is done in 3- 4 sessions at 3-6 weeks apart.

PRP injections, Stemcells for Musculoskeletal conditions facilities impending.
Clinical service for a vast number of patients who are unfit for surgery or are not willing to undertake the risk of major surgery and joint replacements.
They have no other viable options, to suffer in pain or depend on gastric burning drugs.

Widely and successfully practiced in the USA

► Regenerative injection therapy for chronic

MSK pain (LBP, Tendinopathy, OA)

► Multiple injections on bone at ligament and

tendon attachments, and within joints

► Hypertonic dextrose most common injectant

► Mechanism of action unclear

* Stimulates local native healing

► Inflammation

► Growth factors

► Direct Neurogenic Response, Reduced Pain Response

► Other?Chronic pain is associated with lax or
degenerative tendon, ligament and intra articular
► Prolotherapy with an irritant solution causes
a local healing response…
► …which may heal revitalize, enlarge, and/or
strengthen tissue.
► Decreased pain, Decreased disability


Platelet Rich Plasma Biology

ž Growth Factors
— Due to relative avascularity, tendons may lack adequate
growth factors for healing
— PRP contains Growth Factors
○ Platelet Derived Growth Factor
— Chemoattractant for WBCs, macrophages, stem cells
○ Transforming Growth Factor-beta
— Promotes cell proliferation
— Increases Type 1 collagen synthesis in tendon
○ Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
— Angiogenesis
○ Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, Connective Tissue Growth Factor,
○ Epidermal Growth Factor, Insulin Like Growth Factor-1
○ Many other bio-active factors

Benefits of PRPIndications of PRPRationale of PRPAdditional Research Papers in PRPProlotherapy in Dubai


Bone marrow aspirate from iliac crest or tibia is then concentrated and can be used as stem cell therapy for injection into the joints for regeneration of cartilage. This would soon be a reality.