Meralgia Paraesthetica


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Meralgia paraesthetica is caused by compression of Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve LFCN of thigh (neurological) condition that causes pain in the Antero-Lateral thigh. This nerve supplies sensation to the outer thigh (shown in pic) and when symptomatic it causes pain, numbness or tingly pricking sensation.
In many cases, the cause is not known. It is aggravated in many cases by added external compression by low placement or slipping down of tight elastic band of undergarments, trouser and leather belt over the inguinal region, generally seen in pot-bellied individuals as these roll down frequently.


Meralgia paraesthetica is known as a nerve entrapment syndrome. LFCN is most commonly compressed or trapped below the tough inguinal ligament.
Usually the condition improves with conservative (non-surgical) treatment – such as anti-inflammatories, painkillers or steroid injections given with ultrasound guidance after identifying the thin nerve below inguinal ligament, this needs expertise.
In my 37 years of orthopedics practice I have had patients (including myself) getting relief by Gentle Massaging the area 2cm medial to Anterior Superior Iliac Spine ASIS (marked in the picture) in most cases. The external pressure is relieved by correct placement of trouser belt, leather belt and elastic bands.

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