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Dr. Kapil Bakshi

Professional Orthopaedic Surgeon

Evaluated MOH Specialist ‘A’ Orthopaedics


Dr Kapil Bakshi, a Senior Orthopedic Surgeon has
• 37 years of immaculate professional record
• 28 years of dedicated service with MOH Hospital, UAE
• Earned appreciation award from MOH, UAE in 2014, 2015.
• H.E. Min. Of Health ‘Research and Innovation’ award in Nov 2015
• Professional qualifications from premier institutions in Delhi University, India

Special focus on: Trauma, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy and Regenerative Medicine.
• Published articles in reputed American and European Journals
• Speaker at National and International Forums & Editor
• University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA: Prolotherapy Training for Knee, Spine
• Heidelberg, Germany: ACL workshop & Training
• Advanced External Fixture Course
• Articulated concepts for new products & instruments
• Proficient in English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi & Arabic


Dr Kapil Bakshi is a Senior Orthopedic Surgeon with 37 years of immaculate professional track record. His dedicated service of 28 years in a MOH hospital, commitment, excellent work ethics and professionalism were acknowledged with an award from MOH, UAE in 2014 and 2015. The honorable Minister of Health, UAE in Nov 2015, has rewarded him for his ‘Research and Innovation’.
His professional qualifications MBBS, M.S(Ortho) are from premier institutions of University of Delhi, India.
A USA trained Prolotherapist from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His other international accreditations are AO (Swiss) training courses, Advanced External Fixture Certified Course with European credits and ACL Reconstruction-Symposium and Workshops including training at Heidelberg, Germany.
His special interests are in Trauma, Sports medicine, Regenerative medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation
He has articulated concepts for new Orthopedic products and instruments. He serves on the editorial board of International Journals, is a speaker at number of national conferences and a World Orthopedic Congress in Xian, China. His published articles are in prime American & European journals.
His fluency in English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and working knowledge of Arabic & Baluchi enables him to interact effortlessly with multicultural patients.
Always eager to impart knowledge to benefit people, he has a “Patient Education & Guidance” website is https://bakshiortho.com.


Effective Orthopaedic clinician with long and varied innovating experience adopting evolution in technology.

  • Clean track record with last 28 years of work in a single challenging organization with multinational workforce.

Awarded by HE, Federal Min. Of Health UAE for Innovation and Research at innovation week ceremony in Dubai, Nov 2015.

  • Awarded with an Appreciation Certificate by MOH in an organized ceremony for last 2 consecutive years


Arabic and Multilingual– working knowledge a prime asset including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Baluchi

  • Reviewer of a prime journal indexed in PubMed, National Library of Medicine, USA –BMC Biomed Central – Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Editorial Board Member of ‘International Journal of Orthopedics’. Reviewer of ‘Original Articles’ in a team of leading world experts.
  • http://www.ghrnet.org/index.php/ijo/about/editorialTeam
  • Published article in a peer reviewed prime journal – ‘European Orthopaedics and Traumatology’ on Shoulder Dislocation with the link http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12570-013-0215-1 ( Sole author) ‘Shoulder Dislocation – a modified reduction technique for anterior and inferior dislocations.’ Accredited by MOH, UAE

International Conference Presentation as a Speaker. Presented a study – ‘ Concealed Trabecular and Stress Fractures including Epiphyseal-Physeal and Chondral Injuries -Reliability of Tuning fork and Therapeutic Ultrasound Diagnostic Modality..’ at ‘1st Annual World Congress of Orthopaedics’ at Xian, China, Sept 12-14, 2014. Abstract published in US Chinese International Journal of Traumatology, Pg119, Volume 13 Number 3, General No 42, September 2014.

  • Humane Surgical Positioning (Bakshi’s) during Minor Limb Surgeries under Local Anesthesia in Young Children.” article is published ahead of print (PAP) on 26 March 2105 in a prime American Journal with a high impact factor- Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. ‘JOT’ on a simple and practicable topic.
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison – Training, cadaver workshops and conference on Management of Chronic Myofascial pain with 31.75 AAPRA CME Credits
  • AO training and Advanced External Fixture Certified Course with European credits.
  • ACL Reconstruction – Symposium and Workshops including training at Heidelberg, Germany
  • On – going Research projects in near-completion stage   Protocol for Acute Traumatic Contaminated Wounds using Povidone-iodine Antisepsis”             – Other projects in pipeline
  •      Manuscript preparation is in progress.
  • – 10 year study on Povidone-iodine as a safe effective antiseptic agent – “Road to Zero Infection-
  • Speaker at International Orthopedic meeting – Musculoskeletal Disorders in Clinical Practice – Feb 20, 2015, Sharjah, UAE.
  • Developing a New Multi-Role Multi-Purpose Patient Positioner System and Fracture Reduction-Locking-Clamp System – Patent pending
  • Three National Orthopaedic conference presentations.
  • Graduation and Post graduation from India’s prime teaching institutions in New Delhi.
  • Keen interest in knee Arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, Trauma, Infection and Prolotherapy

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Dr Kapil Bakshi is a Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon in the United Arab Emirates and was awarded the MBBS (1975) and MS, Orthopaedics (1980) degrees by Delhi University, India. His graduation and post-graduation are from India’s prime institutions in New Delhi. He worked at Central Institute of Orthopaedics, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India till 1981, the Nigerian Government until 1986 and has since served with the Ministry of Health, UAE. In addition to an impeccable surgical track record of 37 years, he serves on the editorial board of The International Journal of Orthopaedics, Biomed Central –Musculoskeletal disorders and has published several peer reviewed manuscripts in prime American and European journals of high repute. He was invited to speak at an international forum at a world orthopaedic congress held at Xian, China. He also delivered lectures at one international and three national conferences. .
He has an unblemished and dedicated 28 years track record of work in a single challenging organization in the UAE. His dedication and commitment to his institution and his excellent work ethic and professionalism were recognized with an award given by the Khorfakkan Hospital, Ministry of Health, UAE in 2014 and 2015 in a specially organized ceremony. He was further rewarded by the Honourable Minister of Health for his research and innovation at a ceremony in MOH, Dubai in Nov 2015.
Arabic and Multilingual working knowledge are his prime assets which include Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Baluchi

He is a USA trained Prolotherapist from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His ambition of opening the First NON-SURGICAL Knee & Spine Centre in Sharjah is in the offing.
His other international accreditations are AO (Swiss) training courses, Advanced External Fixture Certified Course with European credits and ACL Reconstruction – Symposium and Workshops including training at Heidelberg, Germany.
He has developed new products and instruments such as a ‘New Multi-Role Multi-Purpose Patient Positioner System’, ‘Fracture Reduction-Locking-Clamp System’ and other Orthotic products with pending patents.

A sports enthusiast, cricket aficionado and a player for over 50 years, he is a strong proponent and follower of the dictum ‘Regular physical exercise is anti- aging and delays the onset of degenerative diseases, especially of bones, joints and muscles’.

He keenly pursues current affairs and finance, He is a nature lover, and manages time for gardening and photography: and dabbles in innovative fast-track cooking in day to day life.


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