Orthopaedic Jokes for a lighter moments

Orthopaedic view.

Wealth is like callus it regenerates quite rapidly!

Trust is like skin once affected it leaves a scar!

Ego is like compartment…the more it swells; the more problems it causes!

Faith is like becomes denser with age!

Respect is like bone vascularity…once lost it is lost forever!…

Appreciation is like bone graft….needed to strong Union..

Friends are like implants…. give support when u r broken….

Orthopaedic view is really nice.
Keep it up ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๐Ÿ‘

Instructions for Cast Care

Instructions for Patients with a Cast

Plaster Casts

Please follow these guidelines for your comfort.

Do not bear weight on your casted leg for 24 hours as the cast dries in this time, use crutches for support.
Elevate your casted extremity (preferably above chest level) for 12 hours or more if advised after it is applied.
Place your wet cast on a pillow. (Hard surfaces may dent wet plaster, hold with palm and not fingers while setting of cast โ€“ cast dimples can cause a pressure sore inside.)
Do not use anything to scratch under the cast.
Do not allow any small objects esp. coins to fall down inside the cast, as this will irritate your skin and cause a sore.
Do not attempt to trim, shorten or loosen your cast in any way, as this can cause serious problems, report to the doctor if you have any problem.
Weight bear only if permitted, use crutches otherwise.

Synthetic Casts

If you have a synthetic (fiberglass) cast applied follow the instructions above, you may put weight only if permitted on your casted leg 45 minutes after application.

If your cast accidently becomes wet with spilled fluid, it should be dried with a blow dryer set on a cool air setting. Dry the cast completely to prevent sores under your cast.

Notify your doctor or the clinic nurse if you have any problems with your cast, esp. when:

There is marked pain, swelling, numbness or tingling in the fingers/toes which is not relieved by strict elevation.
Your cast feels too tight or too loose, broken or cracked, or if you feel rubbing beneath or painful pressure areas inside the cast.
If your cast becomes smelly and there is excessive odor present from your cast. Perspiration odor from the cast is normal in UAE.
You notice any extremely red skin or excessive blood stains or draining yellow fluid around the edges of your cast.
Your oral temperature rises to above 38.0 ยฐ C (100.4 ยฐ F).
Other Tips

Cast covers can be worn, esp. while bathing, use waterproof wraparound and tape it around to prevent leakage into the cast
Continue your daily activities after the initial swelling has subsided.
On the lighter side keep a colored felt pen with you to let your sympathizers wish you by writings on the cast.
Always call the clinic or physician first when you have a cast problem. If the clinic is closed and the doctor is not available send โ€˜Whatโ€™s Appโ€™ pictures of the cast showing the fingers/toes to the attending staff or visit the nearby Emergency Room of a government hospital.

Surgical Instruments & Orthotics – Available for Royalty

Foot and Ankle Positioner
Multi-Role Multi-Purpose 360′ Patient Positioner System for Foot & Ankle

Category of Surgical Assist System for the Ankle and Foot & OR Table Accessories

Application in
-Foot& Ankle surgery, Ankle Endoscopy, Lower Leg Surgery in OR,
-Clinical Examination & Cast application/removal in Out Patient Clinics.
-ER procedures for the ankle and foot under LA

-Provides 360 degree ease of access to foot ankle and lower leg.

-Remote controlled with multi-ability during the procedure.

-Extreme Stability and comfort
-Multifunction and multipurpose
-Heel pressure relieving
-No Neuro-vascular pressure effects
-Easy under the table storage hence not occupying OR equipment space
-Two Models to choose.

This simple innovative Positioner most likely is not manufactured by any of the major listed companies till now, seen after a thorough search of literature and manufacturer’s catalogues. Thus having a good potential for a commercial success.

2. New Innovative Fracture Reduction-Locking-Clamp System.ย 

Easy 3-steps internal fixation of fractures of long bones.
-Easy Reduction of Unstable Fractures with use of joystick
-Prevents dismantling of reduction during fixation
-‘Locks’ the reduction
-Hindrance free fixation
-40% Vascularity preserving as it saves soft tissue stripping
-Anti tip over mechanism
-Non Invasive
-Two models as options

3. Sustained Release gel application system. Slowly releases anti inflammatory and anti swelling gels over time for a sustained effect.
4. New range of innovative multi role anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling gels. Especial PLUS, ULTRA & TIGER range for China and Asia.

5. Innovative Gel dispenser for anti-inflammatory gels and anti-swelling gels.

Unique innovation, not obviously seen in the market.

6. Trigger Finger Cap

One finger or 2 finger cap. Thumb Trigger cap

3-4 Layered Design, soft well padded, keeps and maintains local warmth
Layers are
First layer
T. Pad
Second layer
Txxxxxxx layer
Criss cross chain stitching for holding and stabilizing the inner layers
Variable sizes
Option of tube design or slit open from the side with Velcro closure
Option of 1 or 2 finger cap.

Useful for

Trigger fingers
Small joint polyarthritis
Post (after) application of anti inflammatory gels over inflamed areas, bunion, bunionette
Post hot fomentation, shockwave, ultrasonic therapy and wax bath in Physiotherapy clinics
Winter season

The concept is based and part of my article in JFAS- The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery.USA
Principle is defined in this article
Especially useful for skiers, mountaineers, hikers, cyclists and bikers, fast running athletes
Extreme protection with stability and flexibility

8. Foot brace designed for Mid foot and Forefoot injuries and fractures
Weight relieving support
Using rubber heel for support
For mid foot and forefoot injuries And fractures.
Padded Ankle strap

9. All-weather Cervical Collar

Keeps the skin dry & clean and balance moisturized, Bacteriostatic, Fungicidal, Safe, Special extra absorbent design for Middle East and for extremely cold countries

10. New Innovative Clinical Time Saving Radiology Form

Electronic versions are ‘Tick’ & ‘Click’

Addressing: Xray, CT Scan, Ultrasound, DEXA, NM

1. Saves clinical time for the
a. Referring Physician
b. Radiologist
c. Radiographer
d. Patient

2. Unwanted non utilized sections which are space occupying deleted from the old non digital era e.g Film size, Film no, MRI which has an exclusive form.

3. Innovative new sections added.

4. Radiological report- if it is not required – Self reviewing Physician can omit the clinical finding write up, saving time.

5. Examining part has to be tick marked, number and type of views pre-defined further saving time.